You may have heard many times the importance of teamwork, but it has been while developing this project that we have come to the understanding that it is fundamental, especially if you want to do something right. And it is not only a matter of efficiency, it is about the enjoyment of the journey, the sharing of an adventure… and that is noticeable at the end. Trend Map is a project that has been running thanks to the work, eagerness and love of:


Marcia L.

Marcia in the modern perspective. Lover of fashion and last tendencies, she knows all the genuine small corners of the city. Her experience as fashion designer provides an entrepreneurial character to the project and the distinguishing values of Trend Map, the preference of local commerce and projects, as well as handmade production, Made in Barcelona. “Guys, I love my job!”.

Flavia L.

Flavia is the one that puts our feet on the ground, always with her notebook ready and her pencil sharpened in order to take note of all the important details. She provides her experience in communication developed within international institutions, her planning capabilities and humanistic focus to the project. She irradiates passion in everything she does.

Jaime A.

Jaime is prepared for everything, ready for whatever you need. He may as well review the numbers or sing you a sardana. He provides to his team the experience as publicist, his creative character as designer and photographer, and on top of everything his natural curiosity on people and his friendly attitude.

Bruno L.

Do not worry, Bruno is there! There’s nothing to fear… He is our TOP designer and our tech advisor, as well as spiritual counselor. Architect of all the internal network and our image, shadow worker, he never leaves a loose end. No need to search on Google, you would be loosing your time, as Bruno already knows it.

Lu M.

Lu is fantasy, color, the creator of our covers and illustrations, our presentation card. She provides freshness, creativity and her designs are full of excitement. Our particular Miss Wonderful. “I love it!”.


Traducción al ingles:

  • Juan Luis Casañas Ballester

El equipo de trendmap quiere agradecer especialmente a quienes con su talento y esfuerzo crearon algunos de los productos que nos permitieron hacer este sitio: