Tingsvall &McCarthy Dental Clinic

C/ Castellnou 47-51 bajos, 08017 Barcelona

Ph:932 051 903, 636 312 522, 696 664 430

10am-2pm | 4-8pm . Mo - Fri and Saturday: 10-14 (by appointment)


They have been established in Sarriá Barcelona for 18 years. They are two professionals: Swedish Trained Dentist from Stockholm (the Karolinska Institute) and an American trained dental Hygienist from New York. Both working towards educating and treating people in a personalized manner by taking time with their patients, instilling confidence + Educating good dental habits (Home care). They are a full service clinic. They are exellents in dental prevention by using essential oils on the gums. This will relax and heal, by working manually on the gums – then ultrasound, soft polishers (no scratching), herbal rinses and toothpaste creams all ECO-friendly and organic products all designed by them.

-Toothpaste creams : carbon vegetal

-Coconut oil cream

-Ringana tooth oil for oil-pulling