c. Encarnació 39. 08024 barcelona

ANA TICHY is a family and local production project. It arises naturally from the union of the talents of Ana, fashion designer and Alberto, llustrator.

ANA TICHY aims to offer a form of dress casual and free, allowing you to mix garments among themselves and with each other, expressing the particular sensitivity of each.

ANA TICHY collections are inspired by the nature, the art and the cinematograco, expressing these references above all through the prints created for the brand in collaboration with artists who add value to the speech by his particular graphic vision.

The pattern of garments combine aspects such as functionality, space and versatility of the pieces, using the fit oversize and sporty character details.

The romantic aspect is expressed in the pattern through the recovery of shapes and finishes.

Stylistic influences range from naturalistic paintings of John James Audubon, passing by the cinema of fantasy genre as Godzilla, the surrealism in the films of David Lynch, the world of comics and music and aesthetics of the 70s and 80s rock bands.

The local production allows us to ensure the quality of the product, also resulting in an affective and professional gear that gives more meaning to the existence of our products.

They propose stories, you believe them!