Plaça de la Virreina, 7, Barcelona

Tells the story that a child who wanted to travel to the moon found two special beings who offered their help, although they had nothing, apart from a piece of newspaper, but enough to start building a boat. Thus, the dream of the child who is inside the boat and goes towards the moon took shape like the Bateau Lune logo, our store packed with toys of all kinds for children between 0 and 99 years old.
Barco y Luna are the words we decided 15 years ago (2003-2018) when we found the place located in the plaça de la Virreina, in the vila de Gràcia (Barcelona). At the time of launching the store, we were inspired by our first daughter (Lúa) and the difficulties we had to find a specific type of toys very available in Central Europe, with a greater toy tradition.
The majority of their clients are the parents who have just had children or are young, the godparents, the friends of the parents who want to make a special and original gift. “We want the product to be beautiful but that the child can like it and that it can learn, interact through it. He reminds many of his childhood, when the toy was simple, far from sophistication. ” But this aspect of originality also draws attention to younger clientele, who do not hesitate to purchase a product (such as Pinocchio) for decorative use and, in summer, there is also a foreign public that strolls through the neighborhood because, being in the Plaza de la Virreina, they go out in the routes recommended for tourists in the guides.
Happy to have seen children grow with our products … we love it when they come to say hello! Now, as teenagers (like our two daughters), they still remember the moments that have passed in the store and / or in one of our family activities that we often organize in the Plaza.
Because Bateau Lune leaves behind the youngest … and the oldest. Never stop being children.