Plaza del Doctor Letamendi, 1

A trip through Asia without leaving the center of Barcelona? Exact! Boa-Baodesembarca in Barcelona and does it to take us on a trip to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Japan and China through the palate. This round trip ticket is not only based on a very rogue gastronomic proposal inspired by the most authentic street food, but it is accompanied by an exceptional cocktail bar by the hand of the André Reis cocktail shaker and an atmosphere of the busiest street in the southeast Asian that will surprise you.

The project was born from the passion of a couple – he American and she Dutch – for Asian cuisine and, after many trips, decided to partner with chef ChrisGelien to bring this adventure to life, which in record time would end up being an unprecedented success. The fact that they have settled in the Eixample is no coincidence, because they were looking for an emblematic neighborhood to integrate their concept into the local culture, as well as an iconic location such as the building that until recently occupied the Joan Gaspar gallery. Alliances such as the one they have made with the Café La Finca de Castelldefels or the Garage Beer neighbors, which here serves a perfect citrus IPA to clean the palate between pan-Asian dishes, only reaffirm the desire to want to be part of the city’s gastronomic offer.