Calle Bailen 81-83

Fat Barbies is the result of a very personal project where we wanted to to reflect a little of our own philosophy: the likes for the simple, rustic and crafts. All this in hand with a food offering created from within the passion of Juan Martini for food, hospitality and fire.
In Fat Barbies we have commited with the task of offering a selection of traditionally smoked eco meats, wanting to erase the bad reputation associated with BBQ Ribs. Also in our house we wanted to give the same importance to vegetables who also feel the kiss of fire. Fat Barbies smells like smoke, good food and better friends. In our house we smoke with olive wood, only using Eco Meat from the Pyrenees and local vegetables. We pickle, ferment, preserve, brine, infuse. Anyhow we like to dip our hands in the dough (and meats) and approach our craft from the value of homemade.