Flax & Kale Passage

Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 31-33, 08003 Barcelona

Flax & Kale Passage is a flexitarian restaurant located in Sant Pere Més Alt, within Ciutat Vella district, and connected to Trafalgar street by the enigmatic Manufactures passage. It presents itself as a Healthy Asian Fusion Cuisine restaurant  full of surprising flavors and plant-based ingredients, such as Konjac (a rice substitute), jackfruit (an alternative to pork meat) and trompe l’oeil such as the vegan oyster made with shiitake, oyster leaf, seaweed caviar and seawater foam. In addition there are gluten free baos and pizzas which are cooked in a volcanic lava oven brought from Naples. As a novelty, it has a laboratory where they produce kombucha, a probiotic drink fermented with a multitude of healthy properties and available in all of the brand’s restaurants.