Plaça de la Llana, 7

OMG BCN was founded in 2013 with the dream of filling a shop in the Born neighbourhood with fantastic and inspiring products, all made in Barcelona. Since then they have been working to offer both locals and visitors a selection of gifts, home décor, fashion, accessories, jewellery, souvenirs, etc. All made in our very own city. Yes, souvenirs too. It just doesn’t make sense that tourists visiting the city take home items manufactured in China that don’t really have anything to do with the city when Barcelona is so beautiful and so full of talent. Lu Bartolomé and Estela, are the brains behind OMG BCN, two curious minds, both so completely in love with Barcelona and with the world of design that, after a visit to NYC, they decided to open up a shop that people wouldn’t be able to walk into without screaming “OMG”!