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The OSCAR PRIM vegan firm was born in Barcelona from the union of twoFashion lovers, Óscar Ruiz and Laura Prim, linked for many years to design and textiles, with the same goal, create and develop exclusive garments.
Laura Prim, illustrator and designer, has worked for brands dedicated to the textile world and
to the publishing world, everything that is related to art is her passion.
Óscar Ruiz is linked to textiles from a very young age by his family, with only 17 already participated in the production process.
The structure-base of OSCAR PRIM focuses on the choice of quality fabrics, giving much importance to the creation of patterns, from which only one limited production of each model, which allows each piece to work delicately.
The client will have proof of the exclusivity of the garments since each one of them It is numbered.
Working for collections is part of OSCAR PRIM’s identity, since it allows not be tagged in the same language and create multiple forms within the same coherence.
Timelessness is another essential part that makes possible the use of different textures and materials. The idea is the fundamental axis of the design, refusing the seasonality and being accessible globally.
Its production is national, it is governed by criteria of sustainability, it rejects systematically the use of child labor and resources of animal origin.