c/Trafalgar, 30

Located inside the Yurbban Trafalgar hotel, Plat Únic offers a different, innovative, surprising and unusual gastronomic offer of a unique dish at a unique price accompanied by different side dishes and a dessert that change every 60 days. All this, paired with table wine, with which diners can refill their wine jug as many times as they wish.
The inspiration of Plat Únic is to make a nod to the traditional. It wants to pay tribute to our old old inns where you ate a single dish, without a schedule, without any queues, with a non-stop kitchen qhere food was always on the stove, cooking slowly on a low heat, waiting for someone to stop by to enjoy a meal.
Plat Únic is not just a restaurant, it’s an experience. You donn’t understand it until you actually live it for yourself. Plat Únic is pressing the pause button for a few hours and immersing yourself in a world of pleasure. Come in, enjoy and disconnect.
In addition, during the hot months you can go up to your Rooftop with a bar and pool to have a drink while enjoying the best panoramic views of the city.

Also, enjoy ÚNIC @ S, a free event from 18:45 to 21h the first Thursday of every month at Plat Unic. Where they invite unique people from the city of Barcelona (designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, athletes, chefs, models, etc.) to explain their project, professional career and experience in a question-answer format.