Plata Bistró

Calle Sepúlveda 23, Barcelona

Market cuisine, proximity, quality and with a product that moves by season. This is how he cooks in Plata Bistró, a small place located in the house / Sepúlveda where the García brothers cooked recipes that are always suitable for modern palates. Reinventing, revisiting and rescuing dishes served by his grandmother in the authentic Silver bar of Teruel, Víctor and Mario create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy from fork breakfasts, to lunch, dinner and Sunday vermouth. The tortilla, the tripe and the game dishes are some of the most requested by their clientele, although sometimes it is complicated, as they do not have a letter and everything can change from day to day. To know what they have today, you just have to check the dishes that project on one of the walls of the premises and let yourself be guided by the two brothers.