The Pan´s Club

Plaça de la Llana, 16

The Pan’s Club is a newly-established and innovative take-away.

It offers a large variety of high quality street food made with the freshest ingredients and tastiest breads.

The menu has been elaborated by Mrs. Chloé Saada, a renowned chef who own several restaurants in Paris. Together with the Pan’s Club, she created a unique range of bagel,quiche,salad, sandwich and brownies,cookies,smoothies andwiches, salads,and cakes ,cookies ,brownies whose taste you will never forget!

The home‘s speciality is the Bagel, a large-sized gourmet bagel with delicious chicken, roast beef, salmon or vegetables. They come along with a salad and a fresh juice as part of a special and ready to eat formula. Come try it and see for yourself!